My name is most commonly, Zay Hartigan.

Born to a different name, I chose/was given Zaharon Mohead in my late teens. Zay is short for Zaharon. Over the years I have adapted the name as I saw fit, and a variety of nicknames have sprung up. The ones I can recal right now are:






Zaharonasaurus ( these two are names for my dragon tattoo, as well as for the wilder side of my personalities )


Za-ha-ron ( pronounced zaaahaaron )



The Mohead.

When I started into ranch work I dropped the surname Mohead, and picked back up my family's name ( Father"s side ) of Hartigan. My Mother's family name is Drachenberg, which is German for Dragon Mountain.

Born in Detroit Michigan in the late 60's, I moved West a few years after my family moved East, in the early 80's. With my skateboard strapped to my backpack, I followed my thumb for quite a while, traveling across the US three times in the summer of 85. I spent a lot of time in California, the Bay area, and Santa Cruz, but left in 91 for my present location, Arizona. A few years in Tucson helped me acclimate to the state, and then I began working in agriculture, doing some farming and learning to cowboy. Currently I am employed full time caretaking a large ranchette a few miles North of the Mexican border, and part time as a cowboy on neighboring ranches. Of course I have a few other paid positions, you can read about them on the work page.