I love my truck ! Did I already say that ? When I was a young boy, I thought that the Corvette was the ultimate driving machine. But I finally grew up, and now I realize that the SUBURBAN, while much slower
( and some would argue less attractive - fools! ) than the Vette, is much more versatile, comfortable, and usefull. My truck is a 76, 3/4 ton,
2 wheel drive, built in Flint Michigan. Born in February,
it has posi-traction, and fully floating rear axles.
It has the " ambulance doors ", which I greatly prefer to the tailgate option. I bought it for a grand, and spent another grand on the motor ( I installed ), 6 months of insurance, and the first two oil changes. Beefed up by a ton rear end with a 4 inch lift ( 2 inches up front ), and custom 40 gallon fuel tank, my truck is ready for the trail or task. I have taken it cross country several times, and all over the Arizona countryside .Durning the summer of 99,  I drove to Colorado, Illinois, Michigan, Kentucky, and Tennesee. The summer of 2000, I cruisedmy truck to California. I last drove it out there 5 years ago, and this time was even more fun. We slowly camped our way up the coast, spending our nights in the mountains 2-3 thousand feet above the ocean, and our days beachcombing and enjoying the coast.

I should mention right now that I do not care a whit for the newer vehicles which sometimes carry ( besmirch ) the good name SUBURBAN. The kind that never leave the pavement, and are loaded with all sorts of sissy crap like tv's and cup holders. The whole " suv " crowd bothers me ( I hate to generalize, but this is a pretty fair one ). The fact that people consider a venerable machine like a SUBURBAN as part of such ilk REALLY bothers me. The SUBURBAN ( and the carryall before it ) predate these trashmobiles by at least 3 decades. I saw an ad recently on a billboard which said " Then and wow ", and showed a vehicle that looked to be from the 20's/30's era, and a new scumburban . I'll have to get a hold of GMC and find out, but I think they started making them in '36.

The picture that is shown at the top of the page is My truck in front of Bell Rock, near Sedona.