Digital fun is all about the fun stuff I do with digital Data. I'm fairly talented with Photoshop as far as manipulating images, and so I have alot of fun shooting things with my digital camera, and then improving or otherwise doctoring the images. I also do it for pay, doctoring things for clients web pages, as well as for Darlene's clients, which tends to be more for print stuff.

Another digital media I enjoy is music. I don't make any, but I love to collect mp3's, and make CD's, both for myself and for friends. I have a line out from the computer into my stereo, and it plays my digital jukebox
( Winamp ROCKS! and it's free) throughout the house and shop. I love making the soundtracks for our annual Haunted House, which I play through the system.

Below are a few images I have done, tell me what you think.

Roll your mouse over the images to see the changes I made.

Click on them to see a larger version.

NOTE that the lower two images are actually a smaller size than the originals, which is why they seem to move when they rollover.

Also the images all look better than even the larger files these images link to, as I am presenting JPEG's for speedy viewing.

Lastly, an image that shows the complete dragon, something I have tried to do with conventional photography from the first photo shoots of it, but never could do. It took a digital camera and photoshop to do it, the piece wraps completely around my body, so it's impossible to see it all at once, and any pictures of it do not match together, as the curves of my body and the stretch of my skin warp the work. It took a lot of effort to mesh this in photoshop, the varying shades of tan on my body complicated it as well. I actually plan to do it again some time, better, but for now this is the image. Click here to see it.