This is the most complete image of Zaharonasaurus. I built it with a digital camera, and PhotoShop. This piece took 31 studio hours to create, of which about 25 hours was actually applying the ink. The dragon represents part of my German Heritage ( family name DRACHENBERG means Dragon Mountain ) as well as my wilder side, zaharonasaurus wrex, and my mythological forebearer of the same name. There are some other more artistic images on the tattoo page. The process of creating the image took pretty close to three hours, and involved shooting 15-20 pics of the piece three times, with photo editing in between. That was the first time. The image below was done using a much better camera, and a lot less shots, since I had figured a lot out the first time around. If you want a better version for printing, e- mail by clicking here
The image on this page is only 82K, I can send you a 600K image. The original is a tiff, almost 5,000K

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