Hooray for Halloween, hands down my favorite holiday. We have started doing a haunted house Halloween party as an annual event here at our place, and this year I even planted a pumkin patch, and a seperate set of four jumbo pumkin plants. Unfortunately an early frost killed everything off, so folks will not be able to wander throught the patch to pick thier own carving pupmkins, and we will only have a few full grown ones. This will not stop me from growing them again next year.

Last year I was a fire breathing dragon, and Darlene was a princess, who I had captured. We played out this scenario as part of the haunted house. You'll just have to show up this year, if you want to see our costumes. The party will be on Saturday, October 26. As usual, we are encouraging folks to come out in time to catch the sunset ( that means be in position to watch the ball drop around 5:30 ). We will have coals going, and some pumpkin soup or chili, but everyone should bring their own grillables for dinner, and/or a potluck item. Folks are encouraged to pitch a tent and stay overnight, I'll be making a big stack of French toast in the morning again too. Especially if you are pitching a tent, you'll want to get here before it gets dark.

The party will be kid friendly, but there will be a couple bands playing loud late into the night ( 1:00 shut down time for live music). The haunted house will start around 7:00, and last until everyone has gone through. COSTUMES ARE MANDATORY at this party, as is a good attitude. Bring your own beverages, though we will have some soda, and plenty of good well water. We may have a prize for best costume, we'll keep you posted. There will be somewhat of a dressing room for folks who will want to get dressed after the long drive out, but we encourage folks to get here early if that's in their plans, so that the haunted house will not be held up. Any persons wishing to participate in the haunting of the house should let me know soon. we usually have 5 or 6 people help with this.

         Folks have been debating how I would top the dragon costume almost from the moment I emerged in it. Maybe next year, as it's a hard
act to follow. I will have a good costume this year, just nothing that will overshadow the dragon.