One of my neighbors has a couple of tanks that he bought from England, to be used for fun, film, and the occasional military drill. I got talked into driving them, and then got talked into doing mechanical repairs on them. I don't like to drive anything I can't fix, so it was really a natural progression. I am hoping that I might get to drive them for a film projrect, get into another movie.

The machine on the left is an armored troop transport, which hauls 10 plus a crew of two. The one on the right is a self propelled 105mm. howitzer. It runs with a crew of four. Neither machine floats, but both are designed for deep water fording. They both wiegh 18 tons, and get 3 miles to the gallon onroad, about 1/2 that cross country. Top speed is about 35-40 MPH.

The engine assemblies come out as a unit, and are referred too as " power packs ". The power packs wiegh 2 tons each, and come out fairly easily after disconnecting a few things, and assuming you've got a crane handy.

Currently we are trimming some extra parts to make them road legal width, and adding modified lights so that we'll be able to drive them on suitable public roads.