Mohead Media

Like most of my digital skills, I taught myself to webmaster with important help from many good friends who are much more advanced than I am. Below are some links to pages I built.

I offer full service website building and maintenance at reasonable prices. I do only very basic java and flash programing, really not much fancy stuff. I focus on clean easy to navigate pages that get important information to your client. My clients tend to be those that are new to the Internet market, and/or just appreciate simple elegance. Clients seeking a more advanced page are referred to my talented wife to be, Darlene at Greenhouse Graphic Design.

My work includes as many or as few of these aspects of a web presence as you need, you are free to provide as many aspects of the process as you wish, I'll fill in the blanks.

Reserving a domain name
Acquiring hosting
Layout and design
Creating and enhancing graphics

If you want to discuss the process, send me mail at